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The Magic of Storytelling

Storytelling connects. In recent years, this lost art has been resurrected not only for openmic events, but also as a process for connecting teams, groups, organizations, and companies.

Learning the art of storytelling for an individual can be a game changer in a career. Let us prepare you for your next presentation or workshop.

Storytelling as Storyselling

What are you selling? A product? An experience? Your team to your boss? Humanity? Through story, we build bridges and learn empathy. Story is a way to create a bonding experience for groups of all kinds.

Storytelling teaches Listening

If you aren’t listening, then you aren’t living your best life. True listening allows you to connect with your client and team more authentically. Creating safe listening environments allow everyone to become a storyteller. One doesn’t thrive without the other. Stories humanize the individual, as does listening.

What will happen as a result of you booking your next TeamBuilding event with us.

• Improve Communication one on one and within your team
• Build trust within the group
• Humanize each team member so that everyone is valued
• Have fun!

Your internal conditions are creating your reality. Your life is a result of everything you are thinking and feeling.

The processes needed to change a specific area of your life is actually the same for all areas. Our internal state determines our external state. Our inner emotional world, how we think, and where we put our focus is directly proportional to what we are experiencing as manifest in our lives.

Coaching = Internal

Consulting = External


What’s the difference between coaching and consulting? Well, I’m glad you asked. I feel that a Coach steps into the role of a mentor; someone who is guiding you back to the path you already know, but may have forgotten. A coach holds space for you to remember your power and provides processes and skillsets for stepping back into that power. Coaching is all about exploring your possibilities and finding new perspectives for your life. Coaching is for DISCOVERING You. 

Consulting leans into expert advice on a certain topic or field. For example, maybe you want to focus on how to bring stronger financial stability into your life or maybe you have an idea for a business and are needing assistance in getting it started. Coaching is Internally based, while Consulting is Externally based. If you wanted to explore your vulnerability in relationships, I’d suggest coaching. If you wanted to find new ways to assemble your team at work and provide more motivation in the workplace, I’d suggest consulting (and TeamBuilding).

The good news is that Coaching and Consulting go hand in hand. The end result is similar because both areas support a client’s choices and leads the client into more clarity. Internal work and External Work balance each other. The approach and the process may be different, however, all paths lead to the same destination. Towards a better, more fulfilled YOU.


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Logo Design

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Website Build/Design

In today’s world, having an online presence is a necessity. Plus, it gives you a credible place to send clients. 4 hours of website build starts at $475. Sometimes, 4 hours is all you need. Sometimes, it may take a bit more. Either way, your beautiful website will be worth the time.

Social Media Branding and Median Managing

Most of the time, it is challenging to find the time to focus on a FB or Instagram campaign when your business takes all of your time. With kids to raise, families to take care of, and crazy schedules, it would be nice to have someone posting for you. Let us do that for you. Content Media Managing for as little as $300 a month.