Coaching = Internal

Consulting = External


What’s the difference between coaching and consulting? Well, I’m glad you asked. I feel that a Coach steps into the role of a mentor; someone who is guiding you back to the path you already know, but may have forgotten. A coach holds space for you to remember your power and provides processes and skillsets for stepping back into that power. Coaching is all about exploring your possibilities and finding new perspectives for your life. Coaching is for DISCOVERING You. 

Consulting leans into expert advice on a certain topic or field. For example, maybe you want to focus on how to bring stronger financial stability into your life or maybe you have an idea for a business and are needing assistance in getting it started. Coaching is Internally based, while Consulting is Externally based. If you wanted to explore your vulnerability in relationships, I’d suggest coaching. If you wanted to find new ways to assemble your team at work and provide more motivation in the workplace, I’d suggest consulting (and TeamBuilding).

The good news is that Coaching and Consulting go hand in hand. The end result is similar because both areas support a client’s choices and leads the client into more clarity. Internal work and External Work balance each other. The approach and the process may be different, however, all paths lead to the same destination. Towards a better, more fulfilled YOU.