Do you have the courage to live a joyful, fulfilling life? What holds you back? Unconsciously, you live the residue passed down in your family system. More times than not, you are loyal to this emotional inheritance when in truth it isn't yours to live. Systemic work spotlights the resistances and blockages that may be overshadowing your path to living a more open, balanced, joyful and grounded life, while connecting to the part of you that knows the way.

The Ancestral Method is a therapeutic approach, based on the Family Constellation Work of Bert Hellinger, designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics in a family or relationship in order to address any stressors impacting these relationships and heal them. This alternative approach may help people seeking alternate healing to view their concerns from a different perspective.

Ancestral work may be done one -on -one, or in a group setting during workshops. 

Group Work: Here's what you should know: Workshops are experiential , which means that your minds and bodies will be engaged. You will not be sleepily listening to a lecture. No previous experience is necessary and all physical abilities are welcome (this is not a yoga class). 

There is an element of what happens in our learning groups that is difficult to put into words. This level of experience happens because we are -- conscious of it or not -- deeply connected to one another and to those in the past. This is something we "know" and now there is burgeoning  research (epigenetic and other) to demonstrate that knowledge. The brain responds continuously -- usually outside of awareness -- to stimuli that we cannot always locate.

In workshops we will explore ways to release the intergenerational legacies in which we are trapped and call upon resources that have been waiting to be invited.